Just checking in, and some news.

I have a few posts planned but I realized it’s been 7 days. I’m trying to narrow that gap between posts by a smidgeon every time I notice it so that maybe one day when I’m 70 I’ll get the hang of regular blogging.

Shoot for the stars, me.

I finished my classes. I haven’t gotten my grades back yet but I’m hoping that’s a good sign, perhaps my professors were so enraptured by my final websites (found here and here for those one of you visitors that is my dad) that they couldn’t properly form words to express their praises. This happens. It’s the most graceful path to just let it run its course.

Goodbye, inconvenient, dirty, carpeted split-level that I hated and loved with unequal fervor

Either that or they just couldn’t give a fuck. Also really possible, honestly. If I were a professor, I’d be that professor.

I also finished moving, though since that just means all of my belongings are floating in the ether between my sister and brother’s houses, they in particular probably disagree with that.

I’m not finished with my application yet, I have to film a video introduction and this requires days that are not spent sweating in Umbros unpacking boxes in the Bachelors’ Pad. But I did get some good news.

Very good news, maybe.

My recruiter has an interview waiting for me for a job in Jinju, South Korea.

Is Jinju on this map? No it is not. I like to throw stuff in to confuse you. Learning should be hard and uncomfortable.

It’s located in Gyeongsangnam-do region of South Korea, the southeast of the country. It’s not a regular teaching job at a school, but a job working at a city hall and teaching in an immersion camp sort of environment, which sounds really perfect for me.

Jinju Lantern Festival

After some research, I told my recruiter to hook me up. (All of my emails to him are so cheerful!! :) and:) buoyant :D :) I feel like an impostor. But an impostor that really wants a job…)

Jinju Fortress at the Jinju Lantern Festival in Jinju, South Korea by Michael Mellinger

We will see what happens. I was nervous at first. After all, I have planned to go to the opposite side of the country, but then I researched Jinju and found some blogs and pictures and articles about how it’s the “most beautiful city in Korea” and is “small and cozy with the convenience of a big city,” and blah blah blah blah and I caved faster than the Wonder Tiger around Aladdin.

(That was a collapsing-cave joke that took me a while to craft and it still kind of sucked. Life is a lie.)

The job and the city both seem pretty idyllic. And yeah, ok, I did want to be closer to Seoul, for convenience’s sake, but it’s only 50 minutes from Busan, another large city and it has yoga and hiking and other things Future Healthy Me is really into. I also have been itching at the chance to see something historic and “old” Korean and really explore countryside and nature, and running straight to Seoul’s neon nipple-tasseled heart seems like it would kick that desire in its teeth.

For context’s sake, the job interview news, the momentary grip of terror of the unknown, the frantic research and blogstalk of all thinks Jinju, all of this, happened today. So when I say I was nervous at first, I mean I was nervous earlier this morning, made the decision to do it anyway, and am still currently nervous. I will probably remain in this nervous state for at least until August, and possibly for the rest of forever.


I do not have time to blog

At least, not right now. Right now I am 1 day away from finishing school forever (hopefully. finally. hopefully.) I’m three days away from being homeless.

I have this week to finish my ESL application and video and send it in to my recruiter (I mean… my second and third ESL applications. My first was rejected for my tattoos that my mom WARNED ME ABOUT HOW WILL I GET A JOB LOOKING LIKE A HOODLUM…)

My schoolwork is what it is. I finished my Museum Exhibit Design class with a website on Plant Consciousness (Check it out HERE if you feel like being sort of educated and vair entertained.) My North Korea class is going a bit rockier… I was supposed to turn in a graphic novel draft, but I realized shortly into working on it that skill at drawing is very helpful when turning in an art-based final project. Who knew? So now I’m desperately trying to finish a website that gets across the same ideas but is slightly less… arty.

I know. Thrilling.

When that’s done I have to move out of my apartment and into the void of semi-homelessness known as couchsurfing. As a (non-TLC level) hoarder, I find the idea of being in a place devoid of most of the physical items I own terrifying in a way I can’t quite express.

As an adult, I find my own terror at that ridiculous. Put on some big girl panties, other Weatherly. You don’t have time to be freaking out.

You also don’t have time to be blogging. So. Maybe just look into the entire time management area of your life. Seems like a weak spot.

Anyways, I feel like this is going to become a travel/life in Korea blog when* I’m finally over there, so getting to blogging when I’m still in Atlanta seems like a good place to start that. Plus, who will believe that I was a real person before moving to Korea if I don’t have some badly-structured blog posts to prove it?



p.s. I’m also thinking about starting a YouTube channel. This thought has been being thought for somewhere close to 12 years. You’d think it had been thought through by now, but ahh, you’d be wrong. That is, however, also something I do not have time for right now.

*I refuse to use the word ‘if’ when talking about going to Korea. Mostly because I’ve told everyone I know and my work that it is definitely happening. It’s a strategy that I like to call ‘stick my fingers in my ears and scream until the obstacles move out of my way on their own.’ I think it was invented by the Founding Fathers™.

#CurrentlyReading Swann’s Way by Proust

“Many years have passed since that night. The wall of the staircase up which I had watched the light of his candle gradually climb was long ago demolished. And in myself, too, many things have perished which I imagined would last for ever, and new ones have arisen, giving birth to new sorrows and new joys which in those days I could not have foreseen, just as now the old are hard to understand.”
Marcel Proust, Swann’s Way

I’m listening to the audio right now, actually. It’s excellent and difficult and beautiful.

MiniChannel: Mobile Games

MiniChannel is a segment where I roundup super-short reviews of 5 things I’ve tried out recently, from books to games to foods to My Little Pony episodes. ‘Cause who needs long thought-out reviews when you can read these little mindsnacks? NOBODY THAT’S WHO. Ratings are as follows: lowest to highest out of five:


2-Pointless drivel

3- Meh. I may play this for a week or so, but if I need space I’ll delete this before any of my photo-editing apps.

4- I see you, mobile game. I will recommend to friends who play mobile games.

5- Holy mother of gaming gods, I would re-pay for this no matter how many times I switch platforms. I will judge anyone who doesn’t play it.

Today’s MiniChannel: Smartphone Games!

I’m a lover of smartphone and tablet gaming. What’s that, peanut gallery naysayers? “That’s not real gaming”? “Angry Birds is for old stupid people and toddlers?” “Gamer culture is being ruined by mindless tap and click screen games?”

Well you grumpy mcsadsacks, take it from someone who loves mobile gaming AND plays console and PC games: nobody cares about your opinion. As the reigning queen of trollbait TSwift says, haters gonna hatehatehatehatehate.

For the rest of you, welcome. This is the Oprah part of my post where I tell you you are wanted and important, and the world is better for your open mind.

Now that part is over, don’t expect it to ever return. On to the list!

1) Paint it Black:


Paint it black could be a fun puzzle game a la those grid logic puzzles from elementary school (ann has a green hat. dave has a green car but no hat. jill has no car and no hat. No one has a hat in the same color as their car. fill in the boxes with x’s to figure out who is driving jill to work) but the training is so long and boring and easy that i’m not sure anyone will get that far into the game before giving it up. However, when you DO get into it, it’s exactly like a slightly less satisfying version of those grid games, like that mixed with Sudoku.

Rating: Meh. 

Status: Deleted.


2) Farm Hero Saga


So as you can tell from the “Saga” part of this title, this is a game in the Candy Crush empire. Never having played Candy Crush, I’d always assumed

Status: Completely obsessed. (Level 38 at time of writing.)


3) Burger Shop


P.S.For the curious critters among you, I have a crap iPhone 4 at the moment, so all games above are compatible with that iOS. I used to have a Kindle Fire (stolen) and am looking into getting a tablet in the future, definitely recommend your favorite devices and games for my mental pleasure.

4) Run Sackboy Run

TL;DR: Beautiful graphics, slightly too simplified gameplay. Would recommend for a child with a tablet, but for adults the replay value is limited.

Status: Deleted


Also I’m trying to figure out a good rating system for these, drop any suggestions down below!

Ciao minibots,


Taking Stock Tuesday- 2

Finishing: Another Moleskine. I’ve been using moleskines as daily journals since high school (maybe middle school?) I always have a great sense of accomplishment when I get to the end, even if it’s filled with to-dos and random doodles filling a book with my thoughts gives me a thrill.

Not Finishing: Books. I have a start-everything, finish-nothing mentality for almost everything in my life. One of my October Resolutions is going to attempt to address this annoyance.

Making: chain rings and cross stitches. Recently I’ve been in the mood for small, finishable projects.

Cooking: Roots vegetable au gratin. Walker and I are kicking around the idea of an “Emergency Meals Cookbook” full of ideas we can make when we don’t want to think about a recipe. This is definitely one of them. (This time was yellow squash, zucchini, cauliflower, and red potatoes with a gratin and cheese. Next time I’ll sub some parsnips and other squash for the zucchini, and die happy.)

Drinking: with my friends Melanie and Kathleen for Melanie’s last day in Atlanta. Melanie and her wife Apryl are two of my favorite people I’ve met in Atlanta. Unfortunately they’re moving to Pensacola and taking my heart with them. *Sigh*  Hopefully I’ll get to see them at Thanksgiving!

Wanting: schedules and routines. Something about fall makes me extra motivated to fill in my calendar and stay organized. (Fat chance)

Knitting: The same cowl I’ve been working on for a year. Maybe it will be done by this winter!

Enjoying: squash! I’ve eaten roasted squash almost every meal this month and I’m still not tired of it. Favorite food alert.

Waiting: for my schedule to calm down.

Listening: to my September Playlist on Spotify. Earlier in September I listened to basically nothing but Portal: Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton. Early: Portal: Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton. By the end, my favorite was Old Time Religion by Parker Millsap. (Parker retweeted my tweet about how much I loved it! Definitely a highlight.)

Needing: groceries. In my quest to get healthier, my grocery list has become veggie-heavy. Pro-tip squash and bell peppers are much more photogenic than boxed macaroni.

Smelling: like Daisy by Marc Jacobs– I barely wore it all summer but now there’s a chill in the air and suddenly I want to get the most out of this scent before it’s too far into fall!

Wearing: running shoes! Recently I started Couch to 5K. Yes, it hurts. Yes, I’m doing it again tomorrow.

Feeling: restless. So many ideas, no clue where to start. Trying to remember to take things one step at a time.

Monthly Resolutions – October

I’m starting a new series.

I’m hesitant to say I’m “starting” it, as that would presume that I was planning on continuing it, and as you’ve noticed by my blog’s checkered history, planning is hardly my strong point.

No– that’s not true. I’m great at planning. I guess where I fall through is the follow through. I just can’t get the hang of finishing what I


Just kidding. Does that joke even translate to text? Blogging is hard.

Anyways, I’m starting a new series, which is meant to help me keep track of all the things I’m starting. Because, well, I’m tired of not finishing.

*waggles eyebrows*



Finish what you start. (Books. Projects. Thoughts. Goals. Exhibit a little self discipline.)



  1. Run 3 Days a Week (Couch to 5K program should span October and November.)
  2. Make “Week Of” Pages Every Sunday in my journal (Even boundless creativity could use a little context.)
  3. Don’t bite nails or cuticles. (I stopped in college but the stress of post-grad life has worn them down to scraggly nubs a la Fagan in Oliver. Sexy.)
  4. Stick to morning and evening routines (That means washing face, showering, and cleaning so my body and apartment both stay clean and fresh. You know, like an adult would do…)
  5. Write “Taking Stock” posts every other Tuesday (That’s two in October, I think I can handle the strain.)
  6. Blog better. (I know resolutions are supposed to be specific and conquerable, but literally any blogging would suffice. If I want a record of my life I have to be the one to write it!)



Sometimes I have ideas for Monthly Resolutions that need a practice run before I commit to them. Because I have a fear of commitment and a penchant for forgotten plans. High five!


  1. 30 for 30. Set aside a 30 minute block to do something creative for 30 straight days. I’ve seen this idea around the internet, and I really like the broadness of “something creative” combined with the rigidity of the schedule. I wish I’d started October 1st! But perhaps today will be the first day of 30 for 30, and I’ll report back weekly! I’ll let you know how it goes. Probably.)


Ok. I’m a shit blogger. Whatever, I think we’re both cool with it. 

This is why I’m here: I’m trying to make a movie. Maybe not a movie, more like… a short? A video? Many videos?

All of the above. I’m not sure what my plan is, but I’m just in the mood to make things. So that’s what I’m going to do. 

Right now I’m “teaching” myself about film. This mostly consists of watching random Youtube videos and checking off boxes on my ever-growing list of ‘classics’. Wanna learn with me?

I thought you might. 

Today is: CryBaby

use1 use2 use3 use4 use5 use6 use7 use8 use9


(I don’t know how to structure these posts but see previous ‘whatever’ and remember this blog is obviously being run by a preteen girl in the mid-90s. I am totally going to write about this in my Lisa Frank notebook with my gel pens, that is going to be all that and a bag of chips.”