Happy New Year

I rang in the New Year with Sherlock and Coraline, two of my favorite people, watching on my new, Christmas present TV while browsing food blogs. I know. I’m a party animal. It’s a real problem. Everyone’s worried.

It’s my New Year, not the New Year. That is, not champagne day and Auld Lang Syne and throwing up in your parents backyard after a disappointing party where nobody kisses you at midnight because they’re all too busy marveling at how magnificent dropping balls are. My birthday’s on New Year’s Eve, so it always feels like a new start, doubly so. The 31st is the day I turn over a new year, the 1st is the day everyone else does. How poetic. I guess that’s the universe giving me a jump start.

I spent it with my friend Chelsea drinking, eating Mexican food, and shopping. The night was a mix of fireworks and Xbox games. Things that never get old, now matter how many birthdays I have. Birthdays are weird, but this one felt especially weird. I feel like 2014 is going to be a year of weird. Good-weird. It’s my year. My rules. My life. Other possessive phrases.

*Cue inspirational New Year’s pictures. God, blogging is hard.*


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