Baking Cookies and Too. Much. Wine.

Before I sat down to write this post, I said to myself, “Ok. Relax. Let’s begin.”

That, my friends, is how to tell if you are properly, winedly, schnockered.

And I am.



No backspaces, that’s the rule. That I just made up. Drinking game for one!


Moving on.

Tonight I made chocolate chip cookies. I don’t know when this blog became a food blog, but I’ll tell you something… I don’t hate it. There is peach and blueberry cobbler in the fridge and chocolate chip cookies freshly tinned on the stove (ok, tupperwared… Value Village was fresh out of decorative cookie tins, the bastards. Don’t they know baking needs are srz bzness?)

choc chip batter

I swear, this whole “cooking for a hobby” thing has done loads for my sweet tooth quotient.

That’s not a real thing.

What am I saying. Wine, you clever, vengeful, purple bitch.

Anyways, the cookies.

choc chip cookies

I followed this recipe and they turned out beautifully. Well, I’m pretty sure they were good. I only had half of one, since I ate so much homemade queso and steak quesadilla that I couldn’t handle more than the idea of a cookie, much less 24 wholesome, golden-brown morsels of chocolatey goodness.

But I’m pretty sure I’m a genius in the kitchen.

This post, however, is not about the cookies. It’s about the new year. How’s that for a transition? My English professors would be so proud.

2014 seems so… hopeful. Does it to you? Everywhere I look I see posts about the bright new future, the new year, new dreams, all of this stuff about this year being the best  year that has ever happened, and how many new things are coming.

And you know what?

For once, I am in total agreement.

This year just seems so hopeful. I don’t know if it’s because it’s January and freezing and real life seems to have slowed juuust a hair so that I can catch up some… but it seems different. As if something good is just around the river bend.

And I don’t mean Pocahontas’s boyfriend.

My next post will about resolutions. Not crazy, difficult ones, like losing 30 lbs and a shit job and turning into Emma Stone in a year, but, you know, ones that I am pretty sure I’ll be able to keep. Like not becoming Emma Stone, or eating 300 hot dogs. The kind of things that I can finish before February. Because the thing with resolutions is: if you don’t accomplish them, you feel like shit.

I know. It’s a hard lesson to learn. Shh. It’s alright, I know it hurts. But take it from me. Make resolutions that you can keep that will make you feel good about yourself.

It’s worth it.

You’re worth it.

And this is now a Maybelline commercial.

Fuck wine.



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