Taking Stock Tuesday

One of the things about blogging regularly (which, if you didn’t know, is what I call blogging two days in a row) is that it gives a chance to reflect on little things, not just massive “blogable” life events. While looking for something to fill Tuesday with, I found some posts called Taking Stock here, originally from here.

I like the listing method of blogging. It’s calming, because sometimes the tiny things in your day are something you want to remember! (And sometimes they are something you want to forget. Anecdote: my daily journal app that I use on my phone has one entry from several months ago that just says “I will never look at stroganoff again.” I love stroganoff, and have no memories of this entry. Some things are best left to mystery.)

Well, the memory thing, and: Taking Stock Tuesday sounds way better than I Don’t Know What the Fuck to Blog Tuesday. Word choice is everything, guys.




Making: lots and lots of future plans. More on that soon.

Cooking: not enough. I need to learn a few simple recipes I can make without much time and effort, because I do not enjoy being in the kitchen.

Drinking: vodka. Lots and lots of vodka. (I might be starting a cocktail recipes-type segment on this blog, so keep your eyes peeled like grapes, honeychildren.)

Reading: Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham. I’m about halfway through it and it is as creepy as it is awesome. My review will have most certainly have a 28 Days Later reference, so you should stay tuned.

Wanting: a haircut. I’ve been looking more and more like a wayward ginger hobo lately. #getittogether

Playing: lots of board games. Since Walker moved up here last month I’ve been board gaming it up family style. (This is now a phrase.) Recent favorites: Quelf and Cranium.

Wasting: time. As usual. Sewing: my Dragoncon costume. Well, I bought the fabric for it anyways…

Wishing: It were truly fall, instead of this cold rainy hot summer trick Atlanta is trying to pull.

Enjoying: Hannibal. The acting is superb, the plots are complex and weird, and the cinematography is Beautiful. Beautiful 

I tell you!

Waiting: for everything to settle in so I can BREATHE.

Liking: Life According To Jimmy. And by like, I mean like-like.

Marveling: at the new Lady Thor.  “This is not She-Thor. This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is THOR.” – @jasonaaron (get it Marvelling? I crack myself up.)

Needing: to start on the countless projects I have brewing for this blog, Youtube, and beyond.

Smelling: candles in summer scents. But this weather has me craving some toasty fall scents.

Wearing: lots of clothes I’m tired of. I feel a shopping trip coming on…

Following: one of my favorite booktubers Jean and her upcoming Classics in August readalong. (Hopefully I’ll keep up with the readalong, even though the first book is The Odyssey, which I’ve been force-read at least 9 times. The second book is Ovid’s Metamorphosis, so for those of you who are interested: GET ON IT!)

Thinking: of ways to make money doing what I love.

Feeling: like I just have to keep working at things and maybe they’ll eventually get better. These may become a weekly thing, I guess it depends on how much stock I decide to take. This blogging thing is all about decisions.




One thought on “Taking Stock Tuesday

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