Monthly Resolutions – October

I’m starting a new series.

I’m hesitant to say I’m “starting” it, as that would presume that I was planning on continuing it, and as you’ve noticed by my blog’s checkered history, planning is hardly my strong point.

No– that’s not true. I’m great at planning. I guess where I fall through is the follow through. I just can’t get the hang of finishing what I


Just kidding. Does that joke even translate to text? Blogging is hard.

Anyways, I’m starting a new series, which is meant to help me keep track of all the things I’m starting. Because, well, I’m tired of not finishing.

*waggles eyebrows*



Finish what you start. (Books. Projects. Thoughts. Goals. Exhibit a little self discipline.)



  1. Run 3 Days a Week (Couch to 5K program should span October and November.)
  2. Make “Week Of” Pages Every Sunday in my journal (Even boundless creativity could use a little context.)
  3. Don’t bite nails or cuticles. (I stopped in college but the stress of post-grad life has worn them down to scraggly nubs a la Fagan in Oliver. Sexy.)
  4. Stick to morning and evening routines (That means washing face, showering, and cleaning so my body and apartment both stay clean and fresh. You know, like an adult would do…)
  5. Write “Taking Stock” posts every other Tuesday (That’s two in October, I think I can handle the strain.)
  6. Blog better. (I know resolutions are supposed to be specific and conquerable, but literally any blogging would suffice. If I want a record of my life I have to be the one to write it!)



Sometimes I have ideas for Monthly Resolutions that need a practice run before I commit to them. Because I have a fear of commitment and a penchant for forgotten plans. High five!


  1. 30 for 30. Set aside a 30 minute block to do something creative for 30 straight days. I’ve seen this idea around the internet, and I really like the broadness of “something creative” combined with the rigidity of the schedule. I wish I’d started October 1st! But perhaps today will be the first day of 30 for 30, and I’ll report back weekly! I’ll let you know how it goes. Probably.)

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