Taking Stock Tuesday- 2

Finishing: Another Moleskine. I’ve been using moleskines as daily journals since high school (maybe middle school?) I always have a great sense of accomplishment when I get to the end, even if it’s filled with to-dos and random doodles filling a book with my thoughts gives me a thrill.

Not Finishing: Books. I have a start-everything, finish-nothing mentality for almost everything in my life. One of my October Resolutions is going to attempt to address this annoyance.

Making: chain rings and cross stitches. Recently I’ve been in the mood for small, finishable projects.

Cooking: Roots vegetable au gratin. Walker and I are kicking around the idea of an “Emergency Meals Cookbook” full of ideas we can make when we don’t want to think about a recipe. This is definitely one of them. (This time was yellow squash, zucchini, cauliflower, and red potatoes with a gratin and cheese. Next time I’ll sub some parsnips and other squash for the zucchini, and die happy.)

Drinking: with my friends Melanie and Kathleen for Melanie’s last day in Atlanta. Melanie and her wife Apryl are two of my favorite people I’ve met in Atlanta. Unfortunately they’re moving to Pensacola and taking my heart with them. *Sigh*  Hopefully I’ll get to see them at Thanksgiving!

Wanting: schedules and routines. Something about fall makes me extra motivated to fill in my calendar and stay organized. (Fat chance)

Knitting: The same cowl I’ve been working on for a year. Maybe it will be done by this winter!

Enjoying: squash! I’ve eaten roasted squash almost every meal this month and I’m still not tired of it. Favorite food alert.

Waiting: for my schedule to calm down.

Listening: to my September Playlist on Spotify. Earlier in September I listened to basically nothing but Portal: Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton. Early: Portal: Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton. By the end, my favorite was Old Time Religion by Parker Millsap. (Parker retweeted my tweet about how much I loved it! Definitely a highlight.)

Needing: groceries. In my quest to get healthier, my grocery list has become veggie-heavy. Pro-tip squash and bell peppers are much more photogenic than boxed macaroni.

Smelling: like Daisy by Marc Jacobs– I barely wore it all summer but now there’s a chill in the air and suddenly I want to get the most out of this scent before it’s too far into fall!

Wearing: running shoes! Recently I started Couch to 5K. Yes, it hurts. Yes, I’m doing it again tomorrow.

Feeling: restless. So many ideas, no clue where to start. Trying to remember to take things one step at a time.

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