I do not have time to blog

At least, not right now. Right now I am 1 day away from finishing school forever (hopefully. finally. hopefully.) I’m three days away from being homeless.

I have this week to finish my ESL application and video and send it in to my recruiter (I mean… my second and third ESL applications. My first was rejected for my tattoos that my mom WARNED ME ABOUT HOW WILL I GET A JOB LOOKING LIKE A HOODLUM…)

My schoolwork is what it is. I finished my Museum Exhibit Design class with a website on Plant Consciousness (Check it out HERE if you feel like being sort of educated and vair entertained.) My North Korea class is going a bit rockier… I was supposed to turn in a graphic novel draft, but I realized shortly into working on it that skill at drawing is very helpful when turning in an art-based final project. Who knew? So now I’m desperately trying to finish a website that gets across the same ideas but is slightly less… arty.

I know. Thrilling.

When that’s done I have to move out of my apartment and into the void of semi-homelessness known as couchsurfing. As a (non-TLC level) hoarder, I find the idea of being in a place devoid of most of the physical items I own terrifying in a way I can’t quite express.

As an adult, I find my own terror at that ridiculous. Put on some big girl panties, other Weatherly. You don’t have time to be freaking out.

You also don’t have time to be blogging. So. Maybe just look into the entire time management area of your life. Seems like a weak spot.

Anyways, I feel like this is going to become a travel/life in Korea blog when* I’m finally over there, so getting to blogging when I’m still in Atlanta seems like a good place to start that. Plus, who will believe that I was a real person before moving to Korea if I don’t have some badly-structured blog posts to prove it?



p.s. I’m also thinking about starting a YouTube channel. This thought has been being thought for somewhere close to 12 years. You’d think it had been thought through by now, but ahh, you’d be wrong. That is, however, also something I do not have time for right now.

*I refuse to use the word ‘if’ when talking about going to Korea. Mostly because I’ve told everyone I know and my work that it is definitely happening. It’s a strategy that I like to call ‘stick my fingers in my ears and scream until the obstacles move out of my way on their own.’ I think it was invented by the Founding Fathers™.

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