Just checking in, and some news.

I have a few posts planned but I realized it’s been 7 days. I’m trying to narrow that gap between posts by a smidgeon every time I notice it so that maybe one day when I’m 70 I’ll get the hang of regular blogging.

Shoot for the stars, me.

I finished my classes. I haven’t gotten my grades back yet but I’m hoping that’s a good sign, perhaps my professors were so enraptured by my final websites (found here and here for those one of you visitors that is my dad) that they couldn’t properly form words to express their praises. This happens. It’s the most graceful path to just let it run its course.

Goodbye, inconvenient, dirty, carpeted split-level that I hated and loved with unequal fervor

Either that or they just couldn’t give a fuck. Also really possible, honestly. If I were a professor, I’d be that professor.

I also finished moving, though since that just means all of my belongings are floating in the ether between my sister and brother’s houses, they in particular probably disagree with that.

I’m not finished with my application yet, I have to film a video introduction and this requires days that are not spent sweating in Umbros unpacking boxes in the Bachelors’ Pad. But I did get some good news.

Very good news, maybe.

My recruiter has an interview waiting for me for a job in Jinju, South Korea.

Is Jinju on this map? No it is not. I like to throw stuff in to confuse you. Learning should be hard and uncomfortable.

It’s located in Gyeongsangnam-do region of South Korea, the southeast of the country. It’s not a regular teaching job at a school, but a job working at a city hall and teaching in an immersion camp sort of environment, which sounds really perfect for me.

Jinju Lantern Festival

After some research, I told my recruiter to hook me up. (All of my emails to him are so cheerful!! ๐Ÿ™‚ and:) buoyant ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel like an impostor. But an impostor that really wants a job…)

Jinju Fortress at the Jinju Lantern Festival in Jinju, South Korea by Michael Mellinger

We will see what happens. I was nervous at first. After all, I have planned to go to the opposite side of the country, but then I researched Jinju and found some blogs and pictures and articles about how it’s the “most beautiful city in Korea” and is “small and cozy with the convenience of a big city,” and blah blah blah blah and I caved faster than the Wonder Tiger around Aladdin.

(That was a collapsing-cave joke that took me a while to craft and it still kind of sucked. Life is a lie.)

The job and the city both seem pretty idyllic. And yeah, ok, I did want to be closer to Seoul, for convenience’s sake, but it’s only 50 minutes from Busan, another large city and it has yoga and hiking and other things Future Healthy Me is really into. I also have been itching at the chance to see something historic and “old” Korean and really explore countryside and nature, and running straight to Seoul’s neon nipple-tasseled heart seems like it would kick that desire in its teeth.

For context’s sake, the job interview news, the momentary grip of terror of the unknown, the frantic research and blogstalk of all thinks Jinju, all of this, happened today. So when I say I was nervous at first, I mean I was nervous earlier this morning, made the decision to do it anyway, and am still currently nervous. I will probably remain in this nervous state for at least until August, and possibly for the rest of forever.


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