I ate tiny baked potatoes last night… 

 I almost cried at how cute they were.

It’s the little things.


This also gave me a keen yearning (that’s a phrase I don’t use often) for other tiny things. Like when I read The Miniaturist except… not a waste of damn time.

Like this

I have owned the book Teeny Tiny Mochimochi by Anna Hrachovec for YEARS and I’ve never made a thing out of it. THAT SHALL CHANGE. Possibly starting with this baked potato. Because reasons.

In The Future for Curious People our female excuse for a main character Evelyn Shriner wears a pear pin for a small, basically insignificant plot point just to add to her !Q!U!I!R!K!Y! appearance. This would do:

This is my favorite. I want 1000 of these in a post-modernist mobile hanging over my head when I sleep:

Visions of pink weiners dance in my head. Nothing will save that sentence.

These are just cute. With the eyes you can really imagine their unfulfilled futures as chicken fetuses. Ahh, young dreams:

If you ever want my heart, just fill my room with tiny knitted anthropomorphized foodstuffs. Works every time.


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