Update on Korea

Be warned: This post is headed to Ramblecity, Rambletown, Ramblesylvania. Choo choo. 

So now that I’ve spent the better part of the last four months telling my friends, my family, my job, and my apartment (cough brother’s couch cough) that I’ll be moving to Korea in August, I guess I should probably confess something… I don’t actually know for sure if I’m moving to Korea.

I mean, ok. I do know for sure. Ish. I am sure that if I do not get a job then I will move myself over there and live in a hostel before I work another desk job. But I am kind of counting on, you know, not doing that.

I’ve applied with Korean Horizons, a recruitment agency based in Korea. I’m working with a recruiter (Alistair) who is something of an adorable character… but he’s been very helpful.

I think.

That’s the thing, I don’t actually have any job offers yet, I just have the vague notion of job offers on the horizon, and the complete confidence of a fool. And I’m babbling on in this post because neither of these things offers much security, and it’s left me feeling a little off-balance the last few weeks. Well, that and the whole homeless* thing.

Anyways, last weekend I visited my mom and my puppkins. ned1

It was a rushed visit, two days of mostly lounging and running errands, but after a month of TEFL weekends, it was a Ruby Relaxer**. It was also the first weekend where going to Korea seemed… kind of real? I feel like I’m going to roll my eyes reading this later, but I have sort of been operating under the notion that I’m going to Korea without actually believing it was going to happen. I mean, I ended my lease, I moved out of my apartment, I sent my dog to mom-away camp, but it’s all felt like preparation for some hypothetical, distant-future situation of which I may theoretically take part eventually.

But my mom bought me*** luggage this weekend and helped me pack most of my possessions into it, and all of the sudden I find myself staring into the face of a real af**** Korea, and it’s… humbling? Exhilarating? Terrifying? Yes, all of those things.

I also finished my application video FINALLY and sent it in to my Korea recruiter… and it got rejected.

Sort of. That’s a little dramatic. This is the video:

And basically my recruiter (named Alistair, a name fit for a Death Eater or a recruiter who crushes the dreams of girls who just wanna be HAPPY) told me it was perfect, minus the entire part where I play a ukulele and am generally adorable and v. teacher-like. I know. Rude.

Just kidding*****, he’s probably right about it not being as professional as they’re looking for but laaaaawddyyyyyyyyyyy the other parts are boring. Just like the example videos.

Here I was going to go on and on about not fitting the mold and my special snowflake being rained out but I actually lost my train of thought thinking about how hungry I am… and this post is getting looonger and longer so let it be said that I handled this situation with grace and poise, as my legacy has rendered obvious.

Toodle loo



*As someone who has fairly-regular access to both a shower and wifi, I realize that I am not, in fact, homeless. I’m just being socially irresponsible for the sake of atmosphere. Carry on.

**Ruby Relaxer is my mom’s favorite (alcoholic) drink from Ruby Tuesdays. No, I don’t expect you to know this without a footnote, yes I included it purely for my own amusement. MY BLOG, MY RULES, MY RUBY RELAXER.

***Yes, my mom bought my luggage. Yes, I’m 24 years old. Yes, I’m aware at the #spoiled#blessed#nevergrowup aspects of my life and I’m COOL WITH IT OK

****”Af” meaning here “as fuck” because I haven’t decided yet whether or not I’m going to curse on this blog, but I have also not made the executive decision to write these in any style other than stream of consciousness. One day, little blog. One day. 

*****Not really kidding, but I want to appear affable and friendly and not like I worked really hard on a video only to have it snubbed by Alistair. Also, Alistair don’t read this. Or do, but don’t tell me. Your call. 

******This number of stars doesn’t correspond to anything, I just realized I was getting footnote-happy and decided to throw caution to the wind. That’s how it is around here, you know? Always one step away from the


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