Major hitch in the plan…

My job interview went really well!!

Until she asked if I had my background check, which unfortunately I do not. And I didn’t realize how long they take to get.

Shit. Shitsticks. Shitty mcshitterson.

I haven’t lost faith– I’m going tomorrow for fingerprinting and mailing the application, hopefully rush mail will work in my favor. The possibility of being so close and having it ripped out of my hands is just not something I’m willing to accept quite yet. But goddammit, this really sucks.

I’m taking faith that this is also what happened when I went to Italy– my passport took forever to come in, so long that I thought it wasn’t *going* to come in, and that I’d be waiting around looking at pictures on Facebook while all of my classmates were seeing the Duomo. That came through, squeaking by at the very last second. Hopefully that’s a good sign.

I know, they have nothing to do with each other. I’m literally just thinking *ANYTHING* to make myself feel better.

ughhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

wish me luck


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