Beauty and Alco-Haul


So I want to do more regular old posts catching up on my days, because I take lots and lots of photos. Like lots of photos. A lot. Many. So prepare to know a lot more about my life than you probably wanted to.

(Then again, you’re reading a blog literally named The [My Name] Channel, so maybe if you’re that against it, you should examine your own internet habits. I’m just trying to help here.)

Okey doke, so here’s a haul of stuff I bought. My skin’s been freaking out recently, so I got some stuff to hopefully help that, and because my skin’s been freaking out, I also bought alcohol, because that makes skin troubles seem like they’re happening to someone else, like maybe someone not enjoying a carefree cocktail in a coffee mug. It’s the little things.

(Seriously, so little. Geumsan, South Korea hasn’t heard of liquor that comes in bottles bigger a… what is that… 750ml? Get it together, guys, some of us are not raised on soju.)


Mini reviews so far:


Clinique Acne Solutions Foundation — like I said, my skin’s been freaking out. I think it’s mostly due to stress, and my absolutely terrible diet, and the fact that I don’t drink a lot of water or get a lot of sleep… But like, besides that, what could possibly be the reason, right? Anyways, I bought this because one of my former roommates used to use this all the time and had excellent skin, and I thought it would be good for my skin. Impressions so far… not that impressed. My skin is still not happy, but now I have the added benefit of having a weirdly patchy and mismatched foundation dealing with the problem. The texture is just strange. I’m still wearing concealer and usually BB Cream on top of this, because the color’s not quite right, though, so I am probably negating any positive benefits due to that. I may put it aside and try it once I get my skin to a more neutral place (if that ever happens. Coming up on year 25 of being alive and year 405 of having completely ridiculous skin, so my fingers aren’t crossed*.

Make Up For Ever HD Finishing Powder — this is a finishing powder. It does the same thing as my ELF Finishing Powder, but comes in a smaller container and is about 14 times the price. I will not be repurchasing. *sticks tongue out at capitalistic marketing bullshit that convinced me to buy it in the first place*

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer — this stuff is excellent. Actually full-coverage. It’s a little yellow toned for my skin, but wearing it with my current BB Cream (Dr Jart+ Black Label) helps it blend into my skin. I’m pretty bad at keeping my hands away from my face during the day, so staying power is not something I register on makeup… (for some reason, makeup doesn’t like it when you’re just smudging it around everywhere. How sensitive), but the coverage is excellent, and I’m on my second tube.

Grapefruit Soju — I dig it. I’m convinced there’s this conspiracy surrounding soju where everyone has agreed to advertise how strong it is and how crazy-drunk it gets you while having never actually tried it. Take it from me, a fairly small lady: soju is really not that strong. The unflavored kind tastes like the love (hate?) child of cheap vodka and sake, and the flavored kind tastes like soda. Both kinds are drinkable, fairly mild, and neither have never left me anywhere close to waking up in a ditch having forgotten my name (as so many advertised before I got here.)


Granted, my name is Weatherly. So, you know. That’s pretty hard to forget.



*Learned recently: “fingers crossed” is not a universal saying. I guess this may be obvious, but it never occurred to me before moving to Korea. I had to explain it to my carpool ride the other day, and let me tell you “it means good luck, but like hoping something happens, like really hoping it happens, and also it’s trying to make it happen, like trying to fix fate into making it happen, with luck and also just hoping really hard…” does not translate especially well. Sigh.

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