5 Things That Aren’t Blogging #1

Hey, you know what I wanted to be doing? Blogging. (This sentence has weird tense structure.) But you know how it is– sometimes the thing you really want to do is the exact thing you avoid doing. Because reasons, and things. No? That doesn’t happen to you? You do what you want to do first so you can experience real pleasure?

So you just came by to rub it in, huh? That’s hateful. It’s the holidays, show some compassion. I take my compassion in the form of food or my Amazon wishlist, so. Just give as much you think will help you apologize for the hurt you’ve inflicted, and I’ll try to use this time to heal.

These are the things I’ve been checking out when I’m avoiding all of those half-written drafts. 2016– you will be my blogging year! Either that, or I’ll be making a lot more of these posts.


1) Musée Miniature et Cinéma is a museum in Paris filled with the hyperrealistic miniature film sets made for some of Hollywood’s most beloved movies. Because nothing makes an actor seem larger than life than a theater the size of a shoebox.


2) Which Lumberjane Are You?  Lumberjanes was one of my runaway reading favorites of this year (check out my next post for my Favorite Reads of 2015), and I’ll participate in pretty much any Buzzfeed quiz that will help me take the easy path to learning more about myself. (Why yes, I have always wondered what sort of cake frosting I was! How did you know!) I got April, who has been on my cosplay to do list since before I finished the first issue. Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 12.57.55 PM


3) Mail…kimp? Chimp? — listening to the new season of Serial (not as big a fan as last season…) And podcasts in general. I’ll have a roundup of some of my recently binged shows coming up soon!



4) Binge-watching. I go through phases where I really can’t stand watching tv shows. Everything bores me, the characters don’t seem believable, it takes too long for major plot to happen, and sitting staring at the screen for hours on end seems like fingernail-splinters-water-boarding-no-food-in-the-fridge torture. Thankfully, this month was not one of those phases, and I’ve been watching SO MUCH TV. Right now I’m into a K-Drama (nobody makes fluffy mind candy like Korean primetime), Personal Taste, about a guy that pretends to be gay so he can stay in this girl’s house to observe the architecture and recreate it for his big building project. Yes, really. The plots to K-Dramas are about as thin as the starlets, but for stress relief TV they can’t be beat.

Stay tuned for my recently watched shows later this week! Airing 9/8c.

They don’t play Xbox once in the show. This photo is a lie.


5) Blog Planning. Yep, it’s that time of year where everyone tries to determine the minimal amount of steps it will take to be less shitty next year. I’ve been wanting to write consistently and professionally for basically all of my life, and although my fiction writing is ok (another resolution– be better at self-discipline. Don’t know how I’m going to make myself do that) , my professional writing is nonexistent. One of my goals for 2016 is to get into the habit of blogging consistently so that I can hit up some publications and get articles published! And now this is in writing, so I’m going to feel really awkward if it doesn’t happen.

Negative consequence motivation! Just like my middle school teachers taught me.

There were 5 Things That Aren’t Blogging! But now this is a blog post. So I’ve been lying this whole time. I’m like your parents, or every M. Night Shyamalan movie ever.


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