Book Bingo 2016

So as I’m sure I’ve said before, I like to make goals for myself. Usually goals that have nothing to do with getting things done to sort my life out. Usually goals that have to do with, you know, competing with myself on how many marshmallows I can fit in my mouth at once (like 10, but I’m a little scared of suffocating so I stick to 8 to be safe), or seeing how long I can go without seeing another person (in Korea? a day, maybe two– my fridge is pretty tiny. In America? oh, a century.)

But a particular goal I have for 2016 is to diversify my reading. This year I was really proud of the number of books I read. I hit my 52 books goal, then my 75 books goal, and then I annihilated my 100 books goal, despite an incredibly busy December. Good job me. You deserve those marshmallows. All slobbery 10 of them. But I found that in my trying to hit my goals, I was reading a lot of… well… fluff. A lot of comic books, a lot of low-impact YA, and not a lot of stuff that was staying with me. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a comics basher or a YA basher, not at all. And I’m 100% going to read comics in the new year.

(In fact, my first two reads of 2015 are the 3rd ad 4th Volumes of Saga. They’re amazing. I just have to be more picky about my selection of comics, so I can get more Saga and less… not Saga.)

I feel a little like I ate too much candy and not enough… not candy.

See, that sentence right there? If I had spent the year consuming more McEwan or Joyce and less Adventure Time, perhaps I could have put it more elegantly.

Perhaps not. This is, as so many things in life are, a grand mystery.

Anyways, for 2016, I’ve decided to make a Reading Challenge. Not just to read a certain number of books (100 Books. Because I am nothing if not motivated by arbitrary number goals) but also to read certain kinds of books. I want to read books that represent a more diverse author population, more diverse topics, and more diverse subject matters. I want to delve into meatier material that will get me thinking, rather than sticking with the easier-to-read side of things.

So what’s a person striving for loftier intellectual goals to do?

Play BINGO, of course.


reading bingo

What? I like a competition.

Goal 1: 1 line (5 across/down/diagonal)

Goal 2: L Bingo (5 down 5 across)

Goal 3: 2 Bingo (not connected)

Goal 4: Full card

After each goal completion, I’ll get a reward! This is my way of participating in an adult version of Book It!

maxresdefaultPerhaps I’ll even get a tiny pizza for every 5 books I read. Those tiny pizzas were so motivating.


I’ll be keeping track of my Bingo progress on this blog, so stay tuned, book fans!


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