2016 Resolutions

Yes, I make resolutions. I know it’s kind of the cool slash practical thing to not make resolutions, especially because they’re usually doomed from the start, but I am neither cool nor practical, and I love a fresh start. Also, the first day of the new year is also the first day of my new year, and I am powerless to that kind of symbolic beginning.


There are a few general things I want to do in 2016, namely be happier, be not as lazy, eat food that wouldn’t make my health-obsessed friends scream in horror, but some of my resolutions are easier to track, so I’ll put them here for prosperity’s sake. Also for the possibility of completing them due to imaginary internet pressure. Of all the imaginary forces that work on my guilt, this one is perhaps the most effective.

  1. Read 100 books in 2016. This one is a repeat of last year, and one I completed with little trouble. Last year I started with 52, but ended up totally blowing that out of the water, so this year I’m going to stretch for a challenge. edbc6bccc96592d7845a623c9475bfcd
  2. Watch 50 movies in 2016. I thought about making it 50 classic/critically acclaimed movies, but I don’t want to doom it before it ever starts. I’m just going to say 50 movies, any movie counts as long as it’s not a re-watch of a movie I’ve already watched in 2016.c0c6090d075b1492d33b441da8a798c9
  3. Blog twice a week. I’m doing great with this one this past week, I want to keep up the momentum!3cecc345c72aab7c6f05db7a1e3b42d4
  4. Explore Korea. Check out my Korea Bucket List page (which will probably be updated within the week). I’m here for another 9 months, and I want to see as much of this country as possible. efd533ed0e7dc7f9793a2322914cdf6c
  5. Exercise. 3 Times a week? I always put this one. I always fail. But I think doing yoga at my house after school is a doable goal. Also, I got a FitBit for Christmas, so. It would be kind of embarrassing to do zero exercise all year, and just be wearing a dorky, non-time-telling watch. 115b75ced11e32ab9b26ef84625313ef
  6. Drink more water. I started using this super adorable Plant Nanny app last year, but by the time I got to Korea that habit had pretty much died a dehydrated death, so here’s to reviving the dead! 0db6acea0af99cfd618c9536794fc02c
  7. Eat Healthier. So for the first day of January 2016, I’ve eaten ice cream for breakfast and chicken nuggets for dinner. This one will take some effort. I am not going to do any particular diet, because I know a lost cause when I see one, but I do want to really figure out how to cook healthy, delicious stuff for myself that might be able to tear me away from the overwhelming desire to mainline french fries. 1d2a5125c00829a2db525211c794a228


So yeah. Those are my goals for 2016. They’re pretty doable, I think, and I’ve left out all of that stuff about losing 20 lbs and paying it forward and blah blah blah. These are things I want to actually accomplish, after all. What are your 2016 resolutions?




5 thoughts on “2016 Resolutions

  1. mistonthemeadow

    Good luck! I haven’t really thought about mine yet, but I suppose they would be pretty similar… Read more books, eat healthier food, swim twice a week, pass all my university exams, blog regularly xp
    Happy 2016!!!

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