5 Things That Aren’t Blogging #2

Time for another 5 Things That Aren’t Blogging! I feel like I want this to be a series, but the title leaves something to be desired, no? I feel like I need something snappier like “5 Things You Won’t Want to Miss” or “She Gave Her Kidney to a Blue Whale… You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next.” Ahh, well, non-Buzzfeed writers can’t be choosers. Here’s some stuff I’ve been liking!

  1. This excellent comic strip by Ronald Wimberly.

  2. Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 1.20.44 AM.png

    Lighten Up is Wimberley’s address of the racial politics of Marvel comics, told from his own experiences as an artist. It’s incredibly compelling, biting without attacking, and so very important. Plus, it’s short, so you can finish it in a few minutes, though you may want to read it again directly after. I’m off to search for more of Wimberley’s work.

2. The Scared is Scared  by Bianca Giaver 

I actually discovered this video quite a while ago (if you can really call it “discovering” something when you find it curated for you by someone else, who found it from someone else, who… ahh, well. You get it.) The filmmaker made a story based on a conversation with her nephew. It’s both adorable and hopeful. Watch it. Or don’t. Really, you have full autonomy in this situation, you should embrace the free will you were born with. (Unless we’re in the Matrix. Then, by all means, try and bend the Matrix a little bit to… mhm I’ve forgotten enough about that movie to be unequal to making in-jokes about it, but we both know what I’m getting at, right? Right.)

3. God’s Diary is Embarrassing by College Humor

I’ve been watching a lot of College Humor lately, and they’re killing it. (Or rather, they’ve killed it in the past, I don’t keep up currently. They have been murderers, but it’s not clear if at this moment they are committing murders. Ya feel?) This one I especially like.

4. On “Putting Yourself Out There” from RookieMag


P Good and P relevant to my life.

5. Ben Carson’s House 


Ben Carson scares me, as do most of the other Republican candidates for presidency. But as the things that scare me also intrigue me (cannibals, cults, pentacostals), I find these pictures of his house incredibly fascinating. Especially the number of portraits he has of himself. And the fact that he published pictures of his house. Like why? To both.


There were 5 Things That Aren’t Blogging! But now this is a blog post. So I’ve been lying this whole time. I’m like your parents, or every M. Night Shyamalan movie ever.


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