I’m feeling a bit down today. No reason, I don’t think, and not really too too down, just a little bit. Just thoughtful. Just interested in being alone while recognizing loneliness. Just pensive.

Nice things today:

  • Cooked my dinner with lots of vegetables. No recipe. Came out delicious, and I have leftovers. May do it again this weekend. It made me feel like I could maybe do this thing, this adult thing. Then again, maybe it takes more than that.
  • Read a novel-length fanfic while ignoring the actual novels on my to do list. Sometimes you just want to read things that you can forget about afterwards. It was Harry Potter. I liked it better than Deathly Hallows. I won’t tell JK Rowling.
  • Snow. I didn’t feel it, and I didn’t go outside today at all (maybe I’ll go for a walk?) But I saw the flurries from my window and the little tufts of white on the sidewalk.
  • Thinking about writing a lot of things. Short stories, graphic novels, short films, a zine. Thinking about it more than doing it. But at least I never stop thinking about it. That would be worse.



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