5 Things That Aren’t Blogging #3

Time for another 5 Things That Aren’t Blogging! I feel like I want this to be a series, but the title leaves something to be desired, no? I feel like I need something snappier like “5 Things You Won’t Want to Miss” or “She Gave Her Kidney to a Blue Whale… You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next.” Ahh, well, non-Buzzfeed writers can’t be choosers. Here’s some stuff I’ve been liking!


  1. Pretending I’m in the market for Pemberley


You know that daydream “When I’m rich and famous, I’ll…” ? That’s basically on constant repeat in the back of my head. What would I even do with 300 rooms and a carriage house?

Well if you have several million dollars and a little trust, you could find out. That’s a pretty good deal, if you ask me. (And only me.)


2. Pondering A Series of Unfortunate Events

I can’t WAIT for the new Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix (STOP TEASING US AND RELEASE IT ALREADY, PUNKS!) I’ve actually not read the whole series, but I may be inclined to remedy that this year, and I definitely have another Daniel Handler book on my TBR.  This trailer is incredible.

3. Listening to Gold Star For Me by Dodie Clark                                      Feat. Carrie Fletcher

Love the lyrics by Dodie, and Carrie is one of my very favorite singers on Youtube, she has such a clear, pretty voice. Super cute!


4. Listening to Year Years Bears by Dodie Clark                                      feat Tom Rosenthal

Yep, another Dodie Clark song. This one hooked me with the opening, then kept my attention with the sheer weirdness of the lyrics. It reminds me a little of The Mountain Goats! (Then again, most things do…)

I am really loving her songs this month, and I became a Patreon patron so I could download them and carry them with me! (Also to support, obviously. But mostly free downloads. I am, at my core, a selfish person after all.) I really like the idea of Patreon, and I “support” a few other people too (booktuber Jean Menzies, director Yulin Kuang, and Ava’s Demon creator Michelle Cjakowski to be specific…)! If you want to see your favorite creators continue to create, check out Patreon to directly support them, cut out the middle man, and sometimes gain access to cool stuff!


5. Why the British Tell Better Children’s Stories                                by Colleen Gillard, The Atlantic

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 9.29.56 AM

I really like The Atlantic, despite their nefarious pay-to-read structure (what dost thou mean I have reached my daily limit? Hast thou never heard of view count-based advertising? For shame!) This article about the differences between British and American children’s stories is nestled in the gooey center of my wheelhouse.

“Even well into the 19th and even 20th centuries, many believed they could be whisked away to a parallel universe. Shape shifters have long haunted the castles of clans claiming seals and bears as ancestors. ‘Gaelic culture teaches we needn’t fear the dark side,’ Bateman says. Death is neither ‘a portal to heaven nor hell, but instead a continued life on earth where spirits are released to shadow the living.’ A tear in this fabric is all it takes for a story to begin.”

Indeed. The only problem I had with this article is the tiny little inconsistencies or strange things (such as sort of implying The Giver was the result of the post-9/11 rise in dystopian, or the random Scottish boy she interviewed. Where did this boy come from? Why was he chosen to be the voice of European children? Vair odd.) Still, a good read.



So, there you go, 5 Things That Aren’t Blogging! But now this is a blog post. So I’ve been lying this whole time.

I’m like your parents, or every M. Night Shyamalan movie ever.


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