Everyday Mooonday – A Trip into Cuteness Wonderland


A few weeks back, I visited Everyday Mooonday, a tiny little gallery in Seoul that showcases quirky indy artists in a really cool gallery space!


Despite the website saying that Jamsil Station is near, it was a TREK, so I ended up taking a cab. Which was great, because this place is tucked on a teeny side street, super hard to find. (At least, if you’re like me and you have terrible time with directions.) When the cab dropped me in this alley I thought– great. He got tired of driving and can tell I don’t know enough Korean to disagree so he just left me somewhere. I’m cheerful like that. But when I saw these little guys outside and the badass murals, I realized I was just quick to believe people are mean. Thanks, Atlanta.


The Exhibit

I first found out about Everyday Mooonday from my obsession with Anna Hrachovec, a professional knitter and creator of MochiMochiLand. She had a gallery showing earlier in 2015, and although I missed it I still wanted to see the gallery space. The current exhibit was Ana Albero, who did a series called “Pet Portraits,” which follows the life of Petra, a pet portrait painter, through her everyday life. The series was full of vintage-y flat colors and graphic details, and the exhibit had several real-life, full-size recreations of the paintings that were incredible.


Black polka dots all over the walls and hanging from the ceiling gave the sense that the painting was bleeding into reality. So cool. 



This was a full-size modeled rendition of one of the paintings, with real props, set into one of the rooms of the gallery. It was by far my favorite part. The photos don’t do justice to how interesting it was to see the painting made real!!

I love exhibits that go to extra lengths to involve the viewer more viscerally in the experience of the art. Bringing some of the pieces to life with models and the 3D dot room, and framing the smaller illustrations in a mixed assortment of frames that gave the sense of a living room wall made a very small show seem very immersive and personal. I’m definitely going to be going back to see other shows at this gallery!



The Store

Though I loved the exhibit, I honestly think I may have loved the gallery’s gift shop/ seating area more. It had hundreds of pieces from past exhibits on the walls, scattered on the couches and tables, and in display cases, and I spent nearly an hour walking around looking at things. The curator(s?) seem to lean towards quirky, indy artists with a more cartoon-y vibe, which is totally my style. If they wanted to come decorate my apartment, I’d have no objection…





The Cafe

The gallery also has a little cafe where you can order beer, coffee and tea, and sweets. I’m assuming at night you can also walk around the gallery with the drinks, which would make a super adorable date, but I visited the cafe last and didn’t end up getting anything. The stadium seating leads up outside, and I can see it being a really cool, chill place to hang out at night (though in the day, as one of 2 people there, it was pretty awkward haha).


The next exhibit is Cosmic Girls by Stickmonger, which I know NOTHING about, but I may go check it out! I have such an urge to buy all of the little knick knacks from the store. It’s like it was made to take my money. If you’re in Seoul, definitely check out Everyday Mooonday for a fix of cuteness!


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