Getting my shnocks together

These past few days I’ve been getting my life together. I’ve done yoga twice a day (10 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes and a TRICK 50 minutes at night. Sneaky video, I see your time stamp.) I’ve set out my outfit before I fall asleep, so Morning Weatherly doesn’t make me show up to work in five different patterns, half of which are pajamas (I like patterns, but come on Morning Weatherly, we’re trying to teach English not give out seizures like candy.) I’ve set out breakfast fixings with a cute little note and actually eaten breakfast before going to work, something I can safely say I’ve done… maybe 10 times in the three (four??) years I’ve been out of college. I’ve even started thinking about a budget, and like… time management and shit. Seriously guys, it’s a little revolting. Am I becoming an adult? And if so… can I make it stop?

In all seriousness, i have about six months until I leave Korea. I know, it’s kind of weird for me too. (What, you weren’t going to say it’s weird because it’s hard to really invest in the timelines of strangers?)

The thing is, I’m actually shit at the adult things that really count. It’s been less than a year *cough* month* that my bank account has been withdrawn. My student loans are all a mess. I’m paying for my car from overseas, but I take full advantage of the several day grace period before late payments are penalized (yeah but when are they really due? *twirls hair*) I have been eating vegetarian at home… because I spent too much money on my Japan trip and therefore have zero money to spend on groceries (actually JUST got paid, thank GOD.) It’s like half of my brain has moved up to Fix it Felix while the other half is still stuck in Sugar Rush. (Yes, I just watched Wreck it Ralph, ok? Not my fault the high-minded cultural references are lost on you…)

I’ve made some good decisions, though. Some about grad school, some about life in general. I’ve felt a lot more motivated to do things. I hope it lasts.

Here are some things that have been inspiring me, in this crazed self improvement

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