A (Thurs)Day in the Life

6:00: First alarm goes off. Wish for death. Repeatedly. Snapchat a complaint so the universe knows I am displeased. Get a response immediately, of course someone else is also having to work this early in the morning. We are adults now. Feel sort of humbled, but mostly still grumpy.

6:15 Hear Walker wake up. Ok, I get it universe, everyone has a day job, you can stop being so smug now.

6:30 Sulkily put on the only orange shirt that I own, slide into my mermaid tail blanket and start my first class. Fake smile eventually turns into real smile because ok, I’m sorry, but these are the cutest children on Earth.

6:40 Every time I give Tom a star he smiles really huge and then immediately tries to hide it like he doesn’t care. I cannot stop smiling, shut up.

8:30 Finish with my classes for the day and immediately take Ned’s needy ass for a walk.

8:35 Did I say walk? I meant all-out sprint.

8:40 Can’t breathe

8:50 Eating rice and gravy for breakfast and planning my day out so I don’t end up passed out on the couch at noon taking a siesta

9:00 Starting my Etsy work for the day! For the next hour I’ll be making pizzas for my Keep It Supreme necklaces. 😀

10:30 Soooooo it took almost an hour just to roll the clay for the dough and tint it to the right color. This is why you don’t take two weeks between crafting projects, all your materials decide to give up. I’m changing jobs and working on my STEAMTruck lesson plan now.

11:00 jk lol I’m tumbling

11:45 Ok, now for real I’m going to work on this lesson plan despite it being boring and despite how many Youtube tabs I have right now begging to be watched

12:30 Actually getting some stuff done! I forgot how nitpicky lesson plans are. Lunchtime!

1:30 Get back to work. Quickly realize I’m not doing anything productive on my lesson plan, and grumpily make polymer clay pizzas for the rest of the day.

4:30 Realize I’ve fucked up about half the pizzas I made. Want to cry.

4:35 Realize that tomorrow is the inauguration of the worst sack of cheetos that ever masqueraded as a human. Actually cry.

4:45 Realize this is probably not the best day to record in a blog post. Stop making notes about my activities and surrender myself to the void.


I’ll try harder next time.

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