Hermit Kingdom

So… a few years ago when I started getting really interested in North Korea and how it became North Korea, I also started a little pet project: writing a sci-fi graphic novel set in the unspecified near future that paralleled life in the hermit kingdom to life in the increasingly corrupt and dangerous United States.

I would like to now take the time to apologize to the universe and say I WAS NOT MAKING A WISH, but if there was some confusion, I take responsibility and would now like to use my other two wishes to reverse this horror I have brought upon the world.

In light of these troubling events, I’m going to start working on my graphic novel Hermit Kingdom again, and generally keeping track of the development of fascism in America. If you’d like to follow along, click on over to this link! 

If you’d like to troll me about some fat rapist piss-baby that YOU think should be president, click on over to this link! 


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