Daily Blog 1- 4/29

  • Got up kinda late (10am. College Weatherly is laughing in my face.) Dicked around for a little bit until finally settling into work.
  • Wrote a lesson plan for my job based around spray paint galaxy art (thanks Jamie Jo) 😉 If it gets approved, I’ll post my exemplar project on the blog
  • Did a little bit of doodling (I miss drawing every day) (character design for MeowMeow Kiturami)
  • Grumped a lot about how much painting I have to finish by tomorrow for my class (class details to follow)
  • Settled in to watch a lot of youtube videos while embroidering my egg hat, due tomorrow as 1/3 of Assignment #1
  • Changed over to watching Casting JonBenet, which is all kinds of fucked up. I can’t wait for My Favorite Murder to livetweet their watch. I don’t particularly find the case interesting, except that JonBenet was only a few months older than me, and I remember my mom and aunt being semi-obsessed with it when I was 5/6.
  • Speaking of parents, mine are in town this weekend for the soccer game, so I’m going to my sister’s house tonight for family dinner. Slash we’re probably going out to dinner because my sister is kind of a kitchen nightmare (sorry whitney)


Just felt like giving a little update. Hopefully I’ll have some work time tomorrow, so I’ll be able to post my finished Assignment #1 and possibly the curriculum I wrote for this class.


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