Daily Blog 1- 4/29

  • Got up kinda late (10am. College Weatherly is laughing in my face.) Dicked around for a little bit until finally settling into work.
  • Wrote a lesson plan for my job based around spray paint galaxy art (thanks Jamie Jo) 😉 If it gets approved, I’ll post my exemplar project on the blog
  • Did a little bit of doodling (I miss drawing every day) (character design for MeowMeow Kiturami)
  • Grumped a lot about how much painting I have to finish by tomorrow for my class (class details to follow)
  • Settled in to watch a lot of youtube videos while embroidering my egg hat, due tomorrow as 1/3 of Assignment #1
  • Changed over to watching Casting JonBenet, which is all kinds of fucked up. I can’t wait for My Favorite Murder to livetweet their watch. I don’t particularly find the case interesting, except that JonBenet was only a few months older than me, and I remember my mom and aunt being semi-obsessed with it when I was 5/6.
  • Speaking of parents, mine are in town this weekend for the soccer game, so I’m going to my sister’s house tonight for family dinner. Slash we’re probably going out to dinner because my sister is kind of a kitchen nightmare (sorry whitney)


Just felt like giving a little update. Hopefully I’ll have some work time tomorrow, so I’ll be able to post my finished Assignment #1 and possibly the curriculum I wrote for this class.


A Series of Moments… (in Korea)

Hey guys, here’s a few pictures that have been languishing on my phone of my daily life in Korea. Just moments I took pictures of, but never ended up posting anywhere. Hold onto your butts, it’s going to get exciting in here!

I now know what quicksand feels like. (Unfortunately, I do not know how to escape quicksand without ruining a pair of socks and having to divest my top layer leggings. Thankfully I was wearing two pairs of pants that day. Serendipity.


Butterbeer lollipop

After having a truly terrible day, one of my students who I thought didn’t like me gave me a lollipop. Kinda looks like a beer mug with a brain bubbling over the top, right? It tasted like it too.

Just kidding, it tasted like Butterbeer and I want hundreds of them.


Seoul Subway painting

The Seoul Subway System has absolutely won me over to the necessity of reliable and efficient public transport. Also look, here’s a mural.

Christmas in Myeongdong

Christmastime in Myeongdong, Seoul was a show of capitalism and cheer that would make Times Square jealous.

I picked this up on a whim from a rather schmancy-looking cafe in Seoul after a disappointing day of wandering around. It was chocolate gateau, and while browsing, ordering, and walking back to my hostel I was listening to the Mystery Show podcast about a woman who wrote a book that she later saw Britney Spears reading in a paparazzi photo. She wanted to ask her if she liked it. It was, to my utter surprise, totally fascinating, honestly. The cake was just alright. I learned that although chocolate gateau is rich and delicious, it also has a powder on the top that tastes a little like very fine flour. “But Weatherly! That’s the part that makes it so sophisticated!” you say, wringing your opera gloved hands and gnashing your cosmetically perfected teeth. Unfortunately, dear classy readers, I have the palate of a 10 year old, and thus can only appreciate sophisticated food if it also tastes incredible.




I ate tiny baked potatoes last night… 

 I almost cried at how cute they were.

It’s the little things.


This also gave me a keen yearning (that’s a phrase I don’t use often) for other tiny things. Like when I read The Miniaturist except… not a waste of damn time.

Like this

I have owned the book Teeny Tiny Mochimochi by Anna Hrachovec for YEARS and I’ve never made a thing out of it. THAT SHALL CHANGE. Possibly starting with this baked potato. Because reasons.

In The Future for Curious People our female excuse for a main character Evelyn Shriner wears a pear pin for a small, basically insignificant plot point just to add to her !Q!U!I!R!K!Y! appearance. This would do:

This is my favorite. I want 1000 of these in a post-modernist mobile hanging over my head when I sleep:

Visions of pink weiners dance in my head. Nothing will save that sentence.

These are just cute. With the eyes you can really imagine their unfulfilled futures as chicken fetuses. Ahh, young dreams:

If you ever want my heart, just fill my room with tiny knitted anthropomorphized foodstuffs. Works every time.