Recent Works in Progress

I’ve been flooded with ideas lately, new projects, new stuff for my old projects, random bits of here and there my brain just spits up to avoid doing anything that will make me any kind of money. I want to start sharing more of my just-everyday life here. What do you say to once a week?

Good, that’s what I promised at the beginning and you haven’t called me on it yet. You’re getting too complacent. (This “You” is probably really “Future Me.”)


Here are two recent works-in-progress that are both in the nautical boat. They are also, coincidentally, both in the “I’m not impressed with what you look like right now and I don’t have a clear plan to fix it so I don’t want to look at you”… boat. Boat types are very specific these days, but even a layman like me has heard of that one.

Last night/Today I got a lot accomplished, after several days of feeling incredibly procrastinate-y and useless:
  • Designed a handout for my job
  • Paid my electric and power bill (ouch)
  • started work on a truly-ridiculous-but-fun piece of art that I’m using to learn Photoshop
  • Laid out my calendar for the week and booked a ton of paying students
  • Pulled myself out of a slump that I was tiptoeing near
  • Started a new NEW piece that I’m VERY PUMPED ABOUT. I’m sure you guys will see it soon enough.

I’m slowly doing a blog re-design as well, but to be perfectly frank,┬áit is absurdly boring and I just don’t know what I want it to look like. Marketing is not my forte. Suggestions welcome. Donors welcome. Housecleaners that work for free and also bring pizza are welcome.